Retro Bowl College

Retro Bowl College game will surely appeal to fans of American soccer, as well as classic consoles. Your task is to do everything possible to make the virtual team win the match. The peculiarity of the simulator is the remaining simple graphics. However, the heroes are still distinguished by the number on their jerseys. Before starting the match you need to perform a number of settings. They are quite simple and although they will require some time, in the future will allow you to enjoy the process to the fullest.

Prove that you are an ace in your sport

The game takes place on a classic playing field, which probably all American college students have seen. What role in the team to play – you choose in advance. After launching, you need to perform standard actions to achieve victory. For example, you can throw the match to a player of your team, or vice versa your task is to catch the ball and bring it to the base. Boredom in any case will not have to. Management in the game is quite simple. Before starting the main session, you can familiarize yourself with the location of the keys or change the mechanics to suit your personal preferences. The game has become incredibly popular with players from different countries. Users appreciated the simplicity and quite attractive graphics. Developers have done everything possible so that gamers were not distracted by extraneous special effects and received sincere pleasure from the process. You can familiarize yourself with the results of different users in the general table.

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