Ado Watermelon Game

What do you like more, cherries or watermelons? In this super addicting and a little bit wacky game, it doesn’t really matter, cause you’ve got the entire fruity lineup ready to get stacked and merged! Let’s get started and see just how much of a fruit pro you are!

Fruity fun from Japan

Ado Watermelon Game originated in Japan, but it has long grown out of its local phenomenon pants. People from all corners of the globe are joining in on the fruity fun. Its simple yet challenging gameplay and unique physics make it an absolute thrill to play – and a good way to keep your brain fit in the process. So, what’s the deal?

How to play Ado Watermelon Game

The whole process is rather self-explanatory and resembles Tetris a bit. Once you launch the game, you’ll see the following things on your screen to work with:

• Transparent glass cube where the fruits go.
• A smiling cloud above it ready to drop a random fruit inside.
• A slider for sniper-grade aiming and pinpoint-precise landing.
• A bubble showing the next fruit on the line.
• Another bubble showing the whole sequence of 11 fruits.
• The last but not least bubble with your current score.

Stack neatly, merge wisely!

Your task is to stack all these delicious fruits in a way that will allow you to keep merging them without reaching the top of the cube. Merging is possible between two identical fruits – for that, they need to touch each other directly, so it’s all about smart dropping. So, join Ado Watermelon Game and work all the way up to the ultimate Watermelon combo!

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