Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is an incredible platformer, which almost immediately after its presentation became incredibly popular with users from all over the world. Gamers were attracted by simple controls, attractive graphics, the presence of an atmospheric soundtrack, as well as an intricate plot. The game is available in online format. You can start a new level with the help of any modern computer devices. The main thing is to make sure you are connected to the network-internet.

Danger awaits at every corner

The main character is a small jet rocket. Once the level starts, it automatically starts moving forward. However, you will not be a bystander. At any, suitable moment you can make a jump, flip, etc. On the path of the brave traveler constantly arise obstacles. You have to give credit to the developers in their ingenuity. Danger can take the form of an abyss filled with acid, a dangerous anti-gravity field, huge pointed spikes, failures with lava, etc. To keep your hero alive and bring him to the finish line, you will need wit, reaction speed, and confidence in your abilities. If you fail to pass the stage from the first time – just restart the level.

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