Merge Fruit

The merging games are in trend today! And you can find plenty of them available online. Today, you are invited to a new challenge in this genre. This time, it’s all about merging fruits. It promises heaps of enjoyment. But if you’re looking for an easy adventure, you may forget about it. This is a genuine test for the smartest players out there. Do you think you’ve got the right skills? Then it’s time to immerse yourself in some fruit-merging magic! It is much more than just fun, it is an excellent exercise for your brain. So do not miss it!

Let’s get started!

The game’s setup is quite intriguing. Your task is to launch various fruits from the screen’s top. As they descend and land, they assume specific positions. All fruits differ in size and shape, and if you drop them randomly, they will swiftly fill the whole screen. So your score will be really low. Therefore, it’s essential to position them thoughtfully, taking care to fill in gaps and corners. Additionally, there’s a space-saving trick at your disposal – merging! When two identical items contact, they merge into one, which is bigger. Use this trick to optimize space and allocate as many fruits as you only can!

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