Merge Monster: Pool Party

What do you know about monsters? If you have not played this game, you know nothing at all! The entertainment is thrilling – you will interact with scary creatures and create new ones! It means that these dreadful yet lovely personages will become your main instruments. Are you ready to check your attentiveness and ability to think strategically? It is both fun and a great workout for your brain! Let’s get started!

Welcome to the pool!

The story is very exciting. You will see a big pool on the screen, with a crowd of monsters wishing to have some fun in the water. They will simply jump under the water. But, unfortunately, there is no enough space for all of them here. The pool is too small. And this is where your help is needed! You will be responsible for allocating all the monsters in this pool. Are you ready to start this job? Luckily, you will have some tools that will enable you to succeed!

Merge them all!

The main algorithm of this entertainment is merging. What is it and how to use this feature? It allows you to maximize the space. So, you just need to make two identical personages contact and the magic happens. These two monsters will disappear, giving place to a new personage. This way, you will win some area to accept more monsters willing to swim. You will need to carefully maneuver when a new character dives to direct it in the right corner to achieve merging.

It is also physics!

Each move will bring certain consequences. When the monster reaches the bottom of the pool and gets in contact with others, it will push them all, and they may move and shuffle as well. It may seriously change everything. You can even provoke a series of automatic merging. However, somethings it can get worse. But do not worry – you will be able to use a bomb for such a situation and explode some monsters!

Keep going forward!

Never give up! Even if you make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, do not worry. Use this experience as training. You will be able to see how everything works in the game and avoid the same missteps in the future. It may need some time, but the activity is very engaging. So you will enjoy the interaction with cute monsters. Dive into it now to see what is the biggest scary creature you can create. Bright graphics makes this game attractive for kids. It is a wonderful brain exercise, so do not miss a chance to play it now!

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