Suika Watermelon Game

Welcome to the wacky world of Suika Game, where stacking fruits in a confined space is the name of the game! It’s a bit like Tetris, but with a fruity twist. Can you get the logic behind this seemingly simple, but oh-so-tricky at times puzzle and finish the level with a record score? Let’s stock up on fruits and get started!

Fruits with Chinese flavor

A little bit of history first. Suika Watermelon Game is no original concept. In fact, it takes inspiration from another game that used to be hot in the browser gaming world once – it was called Synthetic Big Watermelon, and it was Chinese to the core. Our game has stayed true to its roots and continues the Chinese-style tradition. Cute art style, with all the happy colors, and cheery sounds, and fruits having adorable smiling faces that will immediately remind you of all the Chinese cartoons you’ve ever seen… Even the bubbles with stats and clues are cute. So if you’re as much into aesthetics as into Tetris-like gameplay, this is surely your choice!

How to play Suika Watermelon Game

  • Read Suika strategy. Stack all the fruits into the box without going over the top
  • Match identical fruits and merge them into other fruits
  • Rake in points and aim for the watermelon!

Picture this: you’ve got a box, and your job is to drop all kinds of fruits into it, stacking them up and aiming for the highest score without letting a single fruit cross the line at the top and spill out. You don’t wanna drop any of that fruity goodness, do you? Then you gotta think hard, because every single cubic centimeter of space counts!

But here’s the juicy part: to keep those fruits from making a daring escape, you’ve got to play fruit matchmaker. That’s right, you’ve got to pair up two types of fruits, and when they merge, they become the next biggest fruit in the cycle. And guess what? The bigger the fruits that merge, the bigger the point bonus you get! It’s a fruit fusion party, and the ultimate merge results in creating the mythical suika, or watermelon. It’s like the holy grail of fruit stacking!

Gameplay step by step

Once you launch Suika Watermelon Game, you’ll see a transparent box in which you need to fit all the fruits the game throws at you. Note that this box has a limited size, and all the fruits have their own size as well. So you’re not as free in your maneuvers as you might have thought! So, here is how the whole thing goes:

  1. The fruits are served up randomly. You have no control over which fruit you’re gonna get, but you can see which one is next up in a special clue bubble and build your strategy from that point on.
  2. You can drop the fruit anywhere within the box. For that, you have some kind of a pointer that you can move across the box to pick the exact spot your juicy bomb is gonna land.
  3. Whenever you have a fruit at hand that matches any of the fruits lying on top of your stack, aim there. The two fruits will merge and form one next-tier fruit. You can see the full fruit ranking in a clue bubble on the right.
  4. Note that the two fruits need to touch each other to merge. That is, if you have a cherry lying somewhere at the bottom, with other fruits on top of it, you can’t just drop another cherry and hope they’ll somehow find each other. You have to work your way to it first.
  5. Each time you merge a fruit, you get points. The bigger the fruit the more points! There is another clue bubble to keep track of your score as well. You’ll also see your previous best score right there, just to keep you motivated.
  6. The game goes on until either you run out of fruits or you reach the top of the box. Then your points are summed up and you get your score.
  7. You can compare your results to those of other players in the leaderboards. Maybe you’ll become the ultimate fruit juggler today!

Fruit merging: from tiny to super-sized

And what about the fruits themselves? Well, there are 11 of them in this fruity fiesta, and they go from small to giant. Merging two fruits of the same kind together gives you one next-tire fruit. Merging two of these new fruits takes you another level higher. And so on and so forth, until you end up with the stripy king of the lineup. Here’s how fruits are ranked in Suika Watermelon Game:

  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Dekopon
  • Persimmons
  • Apples
  • Nashi pears
  • Peaces
  • Pineapples
  • Melons

No time limits, pure physics

Now, here’s the twist: Suika Watermelon Game isn’t a race against time like Tetris. You won’t have to deal with fruits falling from the top of the screen and frantically match them on the go before they reach the bottom. And there will be no speeding up as you go. No, no, it’s all about physics! These fruits have a mind of their own. They hit off each other, they roll around, and sometimes they just decide to take a little vacation outside the box, bringing your fruity fun to an end. Talk about a fruit rebellion! Your job is to give it a good thought and make your best move. It’s the watermelon in the end that matters!

Suika Watermelon Game tips & tricks

  • When stacking and merging, think several steps (or should we say fruits) ahead. You drop a cherry, next up is a strawberry. Now, where should you drop it? Of course, right next to that cherry! Cause if another cherry shows up, and you’ll be able to merge them, the second strawberry it is. See, it all adds up, and every fruit matters!
  • Try not to leave big gaps. Yes, the fruits all differ in size, and sometimes you just don’t know where to put that huge melon. Well, try to find a place for it that would end up in minimum box space consumption. Cause that space is limited, and you never know what the game is gonna drop on you next! So, you’d better stay space-conscious.
  • Take your time to think it through. Don’t go with the first drop that comes to your mind. Scan the contents of the box once more, make it a throughout analysis. You can afford some overstrategizing when you’re not pressed for time!

Hit the fruit leaderboards!

And if you’re feeling competitive, Suika Watermelon Game has got you covered with an online leaderboard that lets you compare your fruity skills with other players. There are thousands of other people playing along every day, so you won’t be short of competition. You’ve got the “today,” “monthly,” and “overall” scores to shoot for the stars. It’s like the fruit Olympics, and you’re the ripe contender! And even if you don’t manage to get to the top yet, don’t get upset. It’s gonna take some time and practice to build up that fruit-stacking prowess!

And the best part is that you can invite your friends to join the fun! Imagine how great it would be to share your results and compare your performances. Competition is always a nice motivator, whether you’re playing against random fruit maniacs or your buddies. And you can be sure that half of China is hooked up on Suika Watermelon Game just like you are, and that’s a few million of rivals to beat! Think you can do that?

Juice up your game and stack away!

So, get ready to dive into the fruitiest puzzle adventure you’ve ever seen. Stack, merge, and aim for the ultimate watermelon in Suika Watermelon Game. It’s a fruity challenge like no other, and you’ll surely be berry excited to give it a shot! Or should we say, a drop. Anyways, check it out right now. Just remember, too many fruits can be harmful for your health (and your schedule) too!

Comments (3)
  1. Loret200:

    I feel like a water wizard playing Suika Game😅😅

  2. PokeLover21:

    I love making splashes

  3. Ciz:

    Playing Suika Game and solving water puzzles is so much fun!

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