Suika Online

Boys and girls, get ready for the fruitiest, nutties, and most addicting stacking game in town – Suika Game! Can you stack those fruits just right to end up with a record number of points and watermelons? Being seemingly easy and innocent, this game actually requires lots of strategy and can get quite tricky at times! Shall we begin?

Stack, merge and have fruity fun!

So, what’s the deal? You’re given a confined space, a box, and your mission is to stack a wide range of fruits in it. We’re talking cherries, strawberries, grapes, and a whole fruity bunch! But you can’t just keep dropping them randomly – no, mate, like any game, this one has rules, and have to follow them to rake those sweet points and shine on the leaderboards!

Suika online rules

1. You can drop one fruit at a time at any place of your choice.
2. Two fruits of the same type make a bigger fruit of a different type.
3. The fruits have to touch for the merge to work.
4. The bigger the fruit the higher your score.
5. You can’t cross the top line or it’s game over.

Here’s the kicker – the game goes on until the first fruit that drops out. It’s all about that pesky top line! You can’t cross it, or you’re doomed. But how do you keep those fruits from fruitfully overflowing? You’ve got to play matchmaker with the fruits. Match two of the same kind, and they merge into the next biggest fruit in the cycle. The bigger the fruits that merge, the bigger the points you get. And guess what? The ultimate merge is the legendary suika, the watermelon! If two watermelons merge, poof, they vanish into fruity oblivion. A hefty portion of the box is free and clear now!

The fruity lineup

Now, there are a whooping eleven fruits to play with, starting from tiny cherries and climbing all the way up to the colossal watermelon. It’s a fruity cycle of fun! But here’s the deal, you can only drop the five smallest fruits into the box, and the order is as random as a fruit salad. The good news is, you can sneak a peek at the upcoming fruit one turn ahead. It’s like having a fruit crystal ball!

Work your way up to fruit glory!

And because you’re surely a competitive fruit stacker, we’ve got an online leaderboard where you can show off your fruity skills. Compare your ranks with fruit addicts from around the world, and keep track of your own score too. Whether you’re aiming for the highest score today, this month, or all-time, Suika has got you covered. o, what are you waiting for? Get ready to stack, merge, and go fruity in Suika online!

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