Toilet Fight: Open World

Toilet Fight: Open World is one of the most dynamic and frightening games at the same time. To win in it is not easy. You will need to connect the speed of reaction, attention, wit, well, and a sense of humor should not be forgotten.

Toilet Singing Heads are coming.

Fans of the original game have already encountered “vocalists” who chose sometimes the most unpredictable and unaesthetic places. Impunity leads to nothing good and these monsters are so brazen that they decided to enslave the entire Earth. Their attack begins and you will have to enter into battle with them to save the innocent inhabitants. Toilet monsters not only want to kill all the surrounding ordinary people, but to initiate them into their “faith” – to make another singing “genius” sticking out of the toilet. Such a fate is unlikely to be to anyone’s liking, respectively slow down is not worth it. Unusual opponent implies the use of unusual measures. To cope with singing, shooting dangerous lasers alien will be able to only a huge agent. Distinguish these “fighters for justice” is quite simple. Instead of the head is located a video camera. You get relative freedom of action – you can move around different locations of the city, but do not forget about the main goal. The laser-shooting singer can be in any back alley. As soon as you notice this foe – shoot first. The best option is to ask for help from the main boss of the cameraheads. He is able to destroy the antagonist with one accurate shot.

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