Fruits Merge

Merging games have become incredibly popular. There are a lot of them online. And today, you will discover a new project from this genre. So, you will interact with fruits. It is going to be real fun. However, if you expect simple walkthrough, you may forget about it. It is a real challenge that can be handled only by smart players. Are you one of these? Let’s check it out now!

What are you supposed to do?

Actually, the rules of the game are not complicated at all. You will just need to stack as many fruits as possible on the gaming field. You will drop them one by one from the top of the screen. Some of them are tiny, for example, strawberries, while others take more space, for example, melons! If you drop them randomly, they will quickly pile and reach the boundary that you are not allowed to cross! If you touch this line, the game is over!

How does merging work?

It is very basic. When you manage to get together two identical fruits, they transform! What happens in this case? They merge and form a different fruit, usually, bigger in size. Once you have two new fruits, you can also merge them. And this algorithm can be continued until you reach the biggest fruit available in the menu – the watermelon. Even if the task does not seem special, it will be extremely difficult to hold out for a long time. But remember that piling too many fruits will mean the end of the story for you!

Respect the laws of physics

It is important to take into account that once you drop the fruit, it will hit the others, making them to move to. So you will initiate the chain reaction that will shuffle all the fruits. If you can think a few steps ahead, you will achieve several merging moments at once. The more fruits you can merge, the better score you will achieve. It is all about creating well-thought-out strategies. There is only one way to find the best strategy – to experiment without a stop!

What’s your best score?

Your success is entirely in your hands! You will need just to showcase your best logical skills to handle the fruits properly. You will always know what fruit is coming next – use this information to make the most winning combinations. Be patient and take some time to train well. Soon, you will have enough strength to challenge your friends. It is a very engaging activity that every player will enjoy. Take care of your brain – let it exercise enough!

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