Suika Strategy

Welcome to the latest sensational puzzle where you will interact with fruits! It is known as Suika Game, or simply Watermelon game. The project has already won the hearts of thousands of gamers. And once you test it, you will join this crowd! But you should know how to play before you plunge into this adventure! It is simple enough, however, you will not succeed without a strategy. If you are ready for a few hours of fun, take time to get acquainted with this guide. It will provide you with all the necessary tips and tricks!

Is it possible to win the Suika Game?

The question should be asked in a bit different way – are you able to finish this game? And the response is no! The truth is that it can run for ages if you play with no mistakes. And the further you advance through the gameplay, the higher your score can be.

However, there is a particular milestone you should aim to achieve. Do your best to form a watermelon. The title of the game is not a pure coincidence. Furthermore, you can merge several watermelons and even force them to disappear.

And even if that all is not enough for you, you can have this fun in a non-stop regime to set an absolute score record! Here are a few tips to make things move faster!

Consider several strategies

Learn how merging mechanism works.

At first, you should understand what you may get after fruits get into a contact and what it will bring. So here are possible combinations:

  • Two lovely cherries will give a strawberry
  • Then you get a bunch of grapes by merging strawberries
  • Grapes can produce a dekopon
  • A persimmon is born after joining two dekopons
  • An apple is the result of persimmon merging
  • Merge two apples and get a pear
  • When pears are merged, you get a peach
  • A pineapple appeared after two peaches are merged
  • A pineapple doubled is a melon
  • Two melons are replaced by a watermelon

And the real fun happens when you bring a watermelon together with another watermelon, allowing them to simply disappear! This is actually all facts about the game algorithm. You can always refresh these details in your memory – these can be found in the menu.

It is not a secret what fruit is coming!

The game is built in a similar way to Tetris, where you see in advance what object is coming next. It is an excellent hint for you what to do with the current fruit on the screen. You can immediately build connections between them and those fruits in the container to more rationally utilize the available space. For example, the next fruit is a peach. So you do not need to create a peach before that one falls down.

Watch out so as not to cross the edges!

It is crucial to masterfully move your cursor. Sometimes, when you are determined to drop your fruit in the very left corner, the cursor may unintentionally jump and deliver your fruit to the opposite destination. Of course, this can immediately ruin your strategy and you may lose. It is better to avoid such situations and get a firm hold of your controls before you actually drop anything. It is just a nuance, however, you will be upset if you lose your progress to such a tiny mistake. Be attentive and careful!

The momentum is a king

Even if the Suika Watermelon game looks childish enough, all objects here follow real-life physical laws. It can either work to your benefit or become a challenge, based on your approach. There will be situations when you need to pile a big fruit on a tiny one. You can imagine that a smaller fruit will move under heavy weight. Always take into account the effects of physical laws, and adjust them to your benefit. If a fruit is will move downward and touch another fruit, go ahead and release it. However, if that fruit is likely to obstruct the path to a potential merge, it’s best to place it elsewhere. There’s nothing more frustrating than throwing, for example, a strawberry, only to see it destroying a possible merge.

Be patient!

Speaking of momentum, fruits do not stop immediately after they touch the ground. This is particularly evident when two fruits join together. Many times, fruits caught amidst others might shift due to the game’s physics-based algorithm. It is always important not to rush with further steps until the fruits have totally come to a rest. Therefore, be patient until two fruits touch each other and form a new one. But sometimes, two meeting items will not merge into a new one. And you will see a different scenario!

Your fruit can serve as a weapon!

At times, even these weird fruits need a nudge to get closer. How can you achieve it? It is not so complicated – imagine you have two big peaches with a barrier between them. You just need to move them a little to allow them to connect. You can achieve this by dropping one more fruit on them. This approach will result into an extra push they need to come into contact and produce a merge! It’s remarkable how a tiny grape can make an apple’s day! There are different combinations to work in this way, you just need to experiment a little to develop a better understanding of how it works!

Rush is always a problem!

It might seem like launching two identical fruits one after the other would result in an instant transformation before they start falling into a container. However, in reality, that’s a rare occurrence. You will need to develop some patience. After you made a move with one fruit, it’s essential to wait for a whole second before attempting to make another move. Surprisingly, this one-second interval provides ample time for the first fruit to commence its journey and, more often than not, find itself in a weird position.

A small fruit can become big trouble

That is really something you should avoid at all cost. You definitely don’t want two big pineapples just stuck, unable to touch because a tiny grape is in between. To prevent this situation, never drop a smaller fruit like cherries, strawberries, or grapes between two big ones. Due to how things move in the game, these little fruits can often become a barrier between others. That might cause some trouble, or even worse, as you may simply fail everything. So, it’s best to avoid that.

Merge is not always a solution!

Players always believe that merging is the best move they can perform. However, it is far from being truth. You do not always need to merge the fruits. Sure, you can combine two peaches to make a pineapple, but what happens next? Do you just end up blocking all the other fruits below the new pineapple? Is there a way to tidy things up? Before you decide to merge, try to think a few moves ahead. Planning is the strongest strategy in this seemingly simple entertainment.

Be predictive!

The exciting Suika Game does not come with timeframes. You can think on your moves as long as you need to accumulate an impressive score. Here’s an effective tip: before you launch a fruit, have a good look at the others. Try to figure out what will occur after you let go of the fruit you are holding. Only after you have modelled the further situation, you will understand what your action should be. If you play too quickly, the game becomes much tougher. So, take it easy. Often, even one thoughtless move can nullify your progress, and you surely will be upset about such an outcome. If you play with care and think ahead, you might even find your name on the game’s leaderboard. Good luck!

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