2048 Taylor Swift

Like the original online computer game, 2048 Taylor Swift quickly became popular literally all over the world. The developers killed two birds with one stone – they made gamers remember the classic entertainment and made the program popular by using the name of the famous American singer.

Musical math is real

The original game almost instantly became popular thanks to simple mechanics and understandable rules. The principle of action is quite simple. You need to start the game and familiarize yourself with the data on the playing field. There is a large number of cells. In each of them are indicated by their numerical combinations. The task of the player – to move the square so that there were two identical numbers. Repeat the procedure until the sum reaches 2048. It is impossible to forget about the final result, because it is indicated in the name of the game. Modernized version was released recently. The developers did not change the principle of the game and did the right thing.

However, gamers could not notice the key difference from the classic version. On the playing field instead of cells with numbers will be located albums of the famous American performer. Your task is to connect several cells with identical albums. Each record contains a certain numerical combination. As soon as the index – 2048 or higher – the player wins. Fans of the genre have developed several interesting strategies that will allow you to quickly achieve the desired and become a winner.

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