Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is probably the most famous and popular game in the world, despite the lack of a special plot, special effects and complex modern graphics. A kind of “charity” as well as simplicity played its role in the fame. There is no need to install the game. It will appear on the browser page automatically, when you lose access to the network-internet.

The last representative of the Jurassic period

The main protagonist is Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is known to literally all users of personal computers – both adults and children. He is completely alone and is on the vast expanses of the desert, not knowing where his relatives have gone. Your task is to guide the little dinosaur to the destination. To do this, just click on the start button and go on your way. Dinosaur Game is a classic running game. The dinosaur moves horizontally, and you will always see it in profile. On the way of the small but brave hero there will be dangerous obstacles – pits, rocks, cacti. It is impossible to break or otherwise destroy them. However, Tyrannosaurus can jump over them and run further. Despite the simple mechanics, it is not so easy to cope with the task. Dangerous obstacles appear more and more and in the most unexpected places. If you hesitate – Tyrannosaurus will die. However, the developers do not limit you in the number of attempts. After defeat, you can start your way from scratch and still bring the small inhabitant of the Jurassic period to the finish line.

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