Pacman is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. At the moment it is hard to find a person who at least once did not try his luck in wandering through the confusing labyrinths of the virtual world. Every year developers add new characters and modernize the graphics, which of course can not go unnoticed among fans.

Voracious “Kolobok” goes for a walk

The principle of the game is quite simple – you will have to become a small cute ball, which is traveling in a confusing maze. On your way will fall “berries” that you need to swallow. Don’t be fooled by the compact size. Pacman is able to eat literally everything he sees on his way. The game wouldn’t be so popular if the creators didn’t add a note of action to what’s going on. Pacman is not the only traveler in the maze. Literally on the heels of him are enemies who do not mind to eat appetizing “kolobok”. Thus, you need not only to feed your swallow, but also to escape from insatiable pursuers. The more points will be obtained in the game – the better. Recognize. About your position in the overall rating will help a special table.

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