Tetris 99 is a completely new look at the favorite classic game. Relax and meditate on the figures falling down, alas, you won’t be able to. The dynamics of the program is off the scale and for the first time in history you have a real opponent who can destroy all your endeavors in the blink of an eye.

The battle royal begins

The basic principle of the game remains the same. At the beginning of the round you become the owner of an empty well. The pieces carefully released by someone will fall into it. The shape and size are standard, and familiar to all PC users, from small to large. As soon as the objects connect into one monolithic line – it burns. As the level passes, the speed increases. Actually this is where all the similarities and ends. The real battle begins. Ahead of the game you need to choose an opponent. The system can offer it automatically. You will have to demonstrate to each other all your skills. The danger is that if you or your “enemy” collect 2 or more lines at the same time, exactly half of the blocks appear on the opponent’s field. Moreover, the lines are transformed in the lower part, under your already collected pieces. Thus, even if before you have built a competent and beautiful chain, all the work can be reduced to zero, and you will lose. It is important to connect objects into a monolithic wall as quickly as possible to get ahead of your opponent. If you get special skills in the course of the action, you can not only “reward” the enemy with additional lines, but also increase their number several times.

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