is an online computer game that will surely appeal to fans of the classics. The secret of popularity is simple – attractive graphics, intricate plot, as well as simple controls. On top of that. Each player who accumulates more points can get into the top of the best.

Classic “Snake” in a new way

The main character in the game is a small snake. She goes on a dangerous journey through a huge virtual world. To snake enough strength to cope with all the difficulties that will arise on its way, you need to regularly feed it. Food is literally scattered on the field and take special efforts to eat it is not necessary. The little traveler only needs to touch it with his head. Apparently the food, which is generously scattered across the playing field, so tasty that to eat it crawled and other cold-blooded creeping creepers. Moreover, the size of these enemies sometimes strikes the imagination of even the most sophisticated gamer. Here the dangers begin. Your snake can eat any new “guest”. Accordingly, the task is to grow a large pet, which will be big enough to destroy (eat) the competitor.

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