Watermelon Merge Game

Watermelon Merge Game, like many other online games of the same genre, will allow you to distract yourself from household chores and work. Non-standard tetris with a truly summer mood will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Fruit Evolution

By the principle of action this game most of all resembles the classic Tetris. On the screen there is a playing field. In the upper part appear different objects. They need to be “dropped” down in such a way as to connect several identical ones. At this point, the similarity ends and the original entertainment begins. The smallest object in the game is a blueberry. It can be placed absolutely anywhere on the field. If you drop the same berry next to the previous one from above, they will connect and form a new fruit of larger size, etc.

Given that all objects are naturally circular in shape, berries can roll away from each other and it is not always easy to connect them, although one touch is enough. Another difficulty is that when level 4 or 5 fruits are connected, the resulting large object can literally block access to the lower ones. That is, you should not just connect objects on the screen mindlessly, but also make it so that there is a free passage to the earlier berries, “dropped” in the lower part of the field. If you do everything right and arrange the objects in ascending order, you can see a chain of transformations after a single action. Until the royal berry – watermelon – appears on the screen.

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